Bond, Develop And Have Fun – 5 Amazing Benefits Of Arts & Crafts For Your Child’s Development

Amazing Benefits Of Arts & Crafts For Your Child's DevelopmentThere is more to arts & crafts than just sewing fabric together or cutting and gluing paper. This may come as a surprise for some but arts & crafts can do a lot for your child’s development. This simple activity can also be a means to teach your child the value of recycling and to show them that you can also have fun even without being in front of the TV, computer or any gadget.

Here are 5 amazing benefits of arts & crafts for your child’s overall development.

It boosts their imagination and creativity

Getting into arts & crafts teaches your child to think outside the box. This also helps them to understand that there are different ways to approach or fix a problem. Giving your kids paper, pencil and some coloring materials can help them create things and explore the realms of their own imagination.

They learn to express what they feel without words

Arts & crafts teaches your kids to express their feelings using shapes, lines and colors. They can learn that there are other ways of expressing how they feel.

It helps boost their confidence and self-esteem

Finishing a coloring book, a crafting project or even a drawing can provide a sense of accomplishment for your child. This in turn gives them confidence to try making other things and trying out more challenging projects.

It builds up their motor skills

When crafting or coloring, your child usually have to use both hands for the process. Due to this they develop motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination that will become useful as they grow-up.

It is a great way to bond and have fun with your child

Aside from developing skills and boosting their confidence, a very important benefit of arts & crafts is that it can become a means to bond with your child. It’s important that we mention this to help you understand that although this activity has a lot of benefits for your child’s growth, the bottom line is that it needs to be a fun process. Don’t get too focused on its benefits and just have fun creating crafts or drawing with them.

With those points above, we hope that you as a parent see the world of arts & crafts in a totally different light. As you can see, there is more to this activity than meets the eye. Get into arts & crafts and show your little ones the amazing feeling of creating something from nothing.

We want to remind parents to be sensitive when critiquing your child’s artwork. They can be quite sensitive at this age so please be careful with your words. Keep encouraging your child to explore art more and to try different kinds of art projects.

Also keep in mind that safety should be your utmost priority when crafting with your little ones. Never leave them alone with sharp tools and be sure to keep a close watch. We suggest that you make use of a self healing cutting mat to ensure that your furniture as well as your work surface is kept safe from accidents.

Written by Jane


One of Jane’s favorite hobbies is working with handicrafts, especially scrapbooking and sewing. She  is also and avid quilter whenever she can find the time along with her trusty dog side Corry. Jane has plenty to share  to help you learn  and enjoy more about all the popular handicrafts as well as the best tools to use.

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