Say Goodbye To The Stress And Hassle – 10 Handy Tips About Packing That Every Traveler Should Know And Do

When traveling one of the things that actually causes stress is the packing process. The idea of forgetting an important item or document is enough to put any person on the edge. But most commonly this scenario happens when you rush or start the packing process at the last minute. The truth is that the […]

Back With A Vengeance: Crafty World‘s New And Improved Comfort Master Travel Pillow Is Now Back In Amazon

Our Crafty World Comfort Master Travel Pillow is back and is now currently available in the Amazon Online Store featuring a brand new and improved design. As the majority of our customers may already know, we at Crafty World make our customer’s experience and satisfaction our major priority. During the past few months we have […]

Fight The Stress – 5 Tips For A Stress Free And Comfortable Journey

Stress before, during and after traveling is one of the worst experiences that any traveler can come in contact with. With that said though, most of the stress can be easily eliminated if you simply prepare for your trip early and arrive in a timely manner. To help you eliminate the stress that often comes […]

The Quest For The Best – 5 Tips To Help You Choose The Best Travel Pillow For Your Needs

Nowadays, travel pillows are known to be very important and useful commodities for travelers in any part of the globe. You’ll see a huge selection of these types of pillows when you’re at a department store and especially when you’re at the airport. More often than not, you’ll see a lot of people carry travel […]

Learn To Love Traveling Again – 3 Important Reasons Why You Need A Travel Pillow

If you ask some people what they think about about traveling, most of the time you’ll get different polarizing answers. There are those who just love to travel and can’t wait to decide on their next destination. On the other hand you’ll hear people complaining saying how they absolutely hate traveling. If you ask me […]

The Crafty World Comfort Master Travel Neck Pillow Made From High Quality Memory Foam For Neck Pain And Travel – The Travel Pillow Comes With A Soft Washable Velvet Cover, Grey

There’s nothing worse when traveling if you just can’t get comfortable. You arrive at your destination tired with a stiff neck and shoulders after getting little or no sleep. We’ve all been there. We’re excited to announce our all new travel neck pillow made from special high quality memory foam that molds to your neck […]