The Importance Of A Good Self Healing Cutting Mat For Crafters

Self healing cutting mat - The reason why crafters need this tool
The arts and crafts hobby is actually considered as one of the most popular and ever growing past times in the world. This hobby has different branches and complexities and can be enjoyed by both kids and adults of any age. In fact most people have been involved in some arts and crafts activity at some point in their lives.

When you get into this particular hobby you will need to have some tools to get you started such as papers, scissors, glue and maybe some coloring materials. But did you know that one of the most neglected but helpful tools you can find is the cutting mat.

Many of us see these mats everywhere we go but most of the time we don’t pay attention to what it can do for us in this hobby. There are different types of mat out there but one of my favorites has to be the self healing cutting mat. A self healing cutting mat is a great tool to help you protect and safeguard your furniture or table tops from any accidents while cutting. This is definitely a great tool to have when you’re crafting with the kids.

My kids also love this type of mat because it has the ability to seal itself from every cut, almost like magic. Due to the mats ability to self heal it is also known to be very friendly to your cutters or rotary blades. What this means is that the self healing cutting mat can greatly reduce the blunting of your cutting blades which can save you both time and money.

There are also some cutting mats for quilting and cutting mats for sewing that feature different sets of measurements and angles that can make the cutting process easier and more precise. That said though, this mat can be used for any type of arts and crafts projects like paper crafts, scrapbooking, model kit building, school projects, workshop use and many more.

Nowadays, you will find a lot of self healing cutting mats in different stores online or offline. I suggest you always choose quality when buying this type of mat. There are some mats that are of substandard quality that were not really made to last.

With regards to buying a cutting mat, like most things in line you really get what you pay for. With that said though, the most expensive mat in the store isn’t always the best choice necessarily. Take your time to carefully check the mat first and then base your decision from your inspection or online research. Believe me it’s definitely worth the time and effort to choose your mat. My self healing cutting mat is already 5 years old and still looks brand new.

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Written by Jane


One of Jane’s favorite hobbies is working with handicrafts, especially scrapbooking and sewing. She  is also and avid quilter whenever she can find the time along with her trusty dog side Corry. Jane has plenty to share  to help you learn  and enjoy more about all the popular handicrafts as well as the best tools to use.

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