Be Sure To Make The Right Decision – The Difference Between A Self Healing Cutting Mat And An Ordinary Cutting Mat

The difference between a self healing cutting mat and ordinary cutting matMany crafters and hobbyists always make use of a cutting mat when making their projects or building their model kits. This is because a cutting mat is considered as a great tool to protect your work surfaces or your furniture. Some people also see it as a way to easily and accurately cut fabric and paper.

There are different types of cutting mat but among the most common cutting mats are the self healing ones and the ordinary ones. We’re pretty sure you’ve heard of these types of mats but in this article let us enlighten you more with what makes them different.

Self Healing Cutting Mat Vs Ordinary Cutting Mat

Honestly, either mat type can be a good tool for any of your projects. That said, a lot of people prefer to use a self healing cutting mat due to its flexibility and its self healing nature. For those who isn’t aware yet. One basic difference between them is the fact that a self healing cutting mat has the ability to “re-seal” itself after every cut.

Why is this relevant?

This is important to note because the self healing mat’s nature allows the mat to last longer in comparison to the ordinary one. Due to this it is also considered as very friendly for your cutting blades. Which means that your blades will take a longer time to dull out if you use a self healing one.

This is possible because of the materials used in both mats and their rigidness. The ordinary mat is usually much more rigid and harder compared to the self healing one. This results in the blades (and you) having to exert more effort when cutting.

Another thing to note is that a lot of crafters find it much easier to cut using a self healing mat compared to the other due to its flexible nature. Self healing mats are usually known to also possess a non-slip surface; ensuring that the mat stays in place when you’re cutting.

The only downside to the self healing mat is that it tends to be a bit more expensive than ordinary cutting mats. Having said that, a good quality self healing cutting mat is usually worth the investment as it can last for a very long time provided that you properly care for it.

To sum it up, a self healing cutting mat definitely trumps an ordinary mat. Just make sure that you choose carefully and really pay attention to the quality of the mat. A high quality mat will surely last for a very long time.

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