Make Traveling Fun For Your Dog – 10 Vital Tips When Traveling With Your Dog

Bringing your dog along on a family trip or a vacation can be a lot of fun and provides you with some additional activities to do. But before you make the decision to take Rover on the road, you need to understand that cars aren’t exactly created for dogs. The trip can be an awful […]

The Amazing Benefits That You Can Get From Using A Self Healing Cutting Mat

Arts and crafts is an activity that can be done individually or with the family. The activity is enjoyable and can be considered as a mental and emotional exercise. Different studies also suggest that this hobby can positively contribute to the child’s mental and emotional growth. When you’re crafting, you’re usually in the presence of […]

Crafty World’s New Self Healing Cutting Mat Range Now Available In

  The long wait is finally over as we unveil the new sizes for the Crafty World Self Healing Cutting Mat. The new sizes is currently available in and comes with the 10 year warranty. The Self Healing Cutting Mat now comes in a smaller 9 x 12 inches and a bigger 18 x […]

10 Fun Travel Facts That You May Not Have Heard Of Before

Let’s have a bit of fun in this article and talk about 10 entertaining and informative fun travel facts that you may not have heard of before. 1. The World’s Most Visited Country As Of 2014 Goes To… France! In 2014, France was crowned as the most visited country in the world having a total […]

The Very Important Role That Art Therapy Plays For Cancer Patients And Survivors

Art is usually defined as a piece created that has beauty or a deeper meaning. Some people create art as a hobby, a requirement, and even for work. But aside from fun and work, art is also a great way to express yourself through your creations. Aside from benefiting children, art also plays a very […]

Don’t Be Duped – 5 Of The Most Common Travel Scams You May Encounter When Traveling Abroad

It’s sad to say but you have to admit that every country you visit may have those very bad people who will try to scam you. Believe it or not, these people could even be your taxi driver, the hotel receptionist or someone you meet on the streets. Please do know that we’re not trying […]

Bond, Develop And Have Fun – 5 Amazing Benefits Of Arts & Crafts For Your Child’s Development

  There is more to arts & crafts than just sewing fabric together or cutting and gluing paper. This may come as a surprise for some but arts & crafts can do a lot for your child’s development. This simple activity can also be a means to teach your child the value of recycling and […]

Avoid Offending Other People – 10 Innocent Gestures That You Should Not Do When Traveling Abroad

Making certain gestures is a part of many people’s life. When you’re happy about something you give the “thumbs-up” and when you’re agreeing with someone you tend to nod. Nothing wrong with that right? Well, believe it or not, some countries translate those gestures very differently. To the point where you can actually offend other […]

Be Sure To Make The Right Decision – The Difference Between A Self Healing Cutting Mat And An Ordinary Cutting Mat

Many crafters and hobbyists always make use of a cutting mat when making their projects or building their model kits. This is because a cutting mat is considered as a great tool to protect your work surfaces or your furniture. Some people also see it as a way to easily and accurately cut fabric and […]

Avoid These People At All Cost – 5 Of The Most Annoying People To Travel With

We’re sure you’ll agree when we say that traveling to another city or country can get the best and the worst out of people. For some people going on a trip to an exotic place can bring out their adventurous side. Unfortunately though, for some this brings out their annoying side. A good and exciting […]