Invest In A High Quality Self Healing Cutting Mat – 5 Important Tips When Choosing A Cutting Mat

A self healing cutting mat is a very useful tool to have when you’re into arts & crafts. A good self healing cutting mat can help make the cutting process easier and more accurate, and it can also properly protect your work surfaces or furniture from accidents. This is especially true when you’re making arts […]

The Amazing Benefits That You Can Get From Using A Self Healing Cutting Mat

Arts and crafts is an activity that can be done individually or with the family. The activity is enjoyable and can be considered as a mental and emotional exercise. Different studies also suggest that this hobby can positively contribute to the child’s mental and emotional growth. When you’re crafting, you’re usually in the presence of […]

Crafty World’s New Self Healing Cutting Mat Range Now Available In

  The long wait is finally over as we unveil the new sizes for the Crafty World Self Healing Cutting Mat. The new sizes is currently available in and comes with the 10 year warranty. The Self Healing Cutting Mat now comes in a smaller 9 x 12 inches and a bigger 18 x […]

The Importance Of A Good Self Healing Cutting Mat For Crafters

The arts and crafts hobby is actually considered as one of the most popular and ever growing past times in the world. This hobby has different branches and complexities and can be enjoyed by both kids and adults of any age. In fact most people have been involved in some arts and crafts activity at […]