Learn To Love Traveling Again – 3 Important Reasons Why You Need A Travel Pillow

Travel Pillow - The new design memory foam pillow offers considerably more comfort and more therapeutic supportIf you ask some people what they think about about traveling, most of the time you’ll get different polarizing answers. There are those who just love to travel and can’t wait to decide on their next destination. On the other hand you’ll hear people complaining saying how they absolutely hate traveling.

If you ask me that question then I would honestly tell you that I have been in both groups at certain points in my life. You see, I grew up with parents who were travel nuts so I’ve experienced going to different cities and countries while growing up. Traveling was an adventure for me and I just loved it.

As I grew up though, my appreciation of traveling dropped to an all time low. What happened you ask?

Well, as a kid comfort or relaxation wasn’t really on my mind. I just wanted to look out of the window of the plane, train or bus and stare out until we reached our destination. As I reached my teen years though, I noticed certain aspects in traveling that I absolutely hated. Some examples would be how uncomfortable my seat was, the noise from other passengers on the plane or bus and how difficult it was for me to get some sleep on my journey.

I was a grouch back then whenever we traveled, complaining about anything I could think of but everything changed after a friend of mine told me about a “U” shaped pillow called a travel pillow. I know it may not look or sound like much but the travel pillow did wonders for me and I’m sure a lot of people who have also used discovered one also felt the same.

A travel pillow is definitely the best partner for people who travel. You can use a neck pillow in any type of vehicle such as planes, trains, buses and even cars.

Not convinced yet? Then here are the 3 reasons why you absolutely need to take a travel pillow with you when you travel.

It provides you with the comfort you need

Most people feel that the cushion in seats doesn’t provide that much comfort for their head and neck. The memory foam pillow can help solve this problem and provide the additional comfort that you need.

It helps prevent neck, shoulder or upper back pain

When we’re riding in almost any kind of vehicle we usually sit down and leave our neck unsupported. This can prove to be a big problem when you’re on a 16 hour flight for example. Just imagine how tense and rigid your neck and your shoulder will feel after the flight. Most people develop a stiff neck or tight shoulders because of this.

This is what the neck pillow is known to be the best for. It can help support our head and our neck properly to make that we don’t wake up with a very stiff, painful neck and shoulders after the trip.

It helps you to relax and sleep

When you’re on a very long flight or trip, what you really need is sleep and lack of sleep is actually one of the main reasons why many people grow to hate traveling long distances. They can’t get the sleep that they need which makes them feel weak, tired and disoriented when they arrive in their destination.

With a good neck pillow supporting your neck you won’t have to worry about re positioning your body every few minutes or struggling to find a comfortable position. You can just sit up straight and slightly turn your head to the left or the right to get some well earned sleep. This gives you the feeling almost like you’re simply sleeping at home in your own bed.

So there you go!

If you’re avoiding traveling long distances because of discomfort and not getting enough sleep then a taking the best travel pillow with you can definitely help with your problems. Try it sometimes and I’m sure that you’ll come to love traveling in no time.

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Written by Kaye


Kaye is a traveler by heart and she doesn’t leave without her partner in crime, her travel pillow. Kaye is also into the arts and crafts hobby and loves embroidery and knitting. She will be sharing traveling tips to help you get the most out of your journey.

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