10 Fun Travel Facts That You May Not Have Heard Of Before

Travel Fun FactsLet’s have a bit of fun in this article and talk about 10 entertaining and informative fun travel facts that you may not have heard of before.

1. The World’s Most Visited Country As Of 2014 Goes To…

France! In 2014, France was crowned as the most visited country in the world having a total of 84.7 million tourists. France beat both the US with 69.8 million tourists and Spain with 60.7 million tourists.

2. Weight Control For Flight Attendants

In the 1930s, female flight attendants needed to weigh less than 115 pounds. Ellen Church is the first ever flight stewardess to fly and Heinrich Kubis is known as the first flight attendant to fly.

3. No To Condiments!

Countries like Switzerland and Egypt find it very rude and highly offensive if you add salt or any other condiments to your food. You can read more about 10 of the most innocently offensive gestures by clicking here.

4. Do Not Feed The Pigeons

In San Francisco, California; it is illegal to feed the pigeons on the street. According to the city, this is to reduce the overpopulation and the health hazards that these animals may bring. They also cited that feeding pigeons on the streets harm these creatures because they tend to lose their natural ability to scavenge for food.

5. A 2 Minute Flight?

The fastest airline flight can be experienced by booking a flight from Westray to Papa Westray in Scotland. The flight is said to run for a total of 2 minutes.

6. Toss A Coin, Make A Wish, Donate To Charity

Every wonder what happens to those coins you toss for wishes on fountains? Well, in Rome, it seems that an estimated 300 Euros worth of coins gets tossed in their Trevi fountain each day. Every night these coins are collected and is donated to charity.

7. Battle Of The Hotel Rooms

Las Vegas, Nevada is the city that has the most number of hotel rooms in any country in the world.

8. The Winner For The Country With Most Lakes In The World Is…

Canada! Canada has a total of 3 million lakes that amasses up to 9% of the country’s territory. Over 60% of the world’s lakes are found in the country.

9. A Country With No Farms

Singapore is the largest country in the world that has no agriculture based economy.

10. The Country That Produces The Most Oxygen

Russia has about 25% of the whole world’s forest (even larger the whole US continent) which makes the country that produces the most oxygen.

So there you go!

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