Outsmart Thieves When Traveling – 5 Tips That Can Save You From Theft

Important Tips To Prevent Theft During Your Trip
Traveling is a great and wonderful experience. Visiting new sights, meeting new people, trying different food and so much more. Traveling to another country or city is definitely an experience that will be etched in your memory for many years to come.

This may sound a bit cynical but the wonderful experience can immediately go downhill due to thieves or scammers. Remember that no matter how safe you think a country may be, there will always be thieves and people who will try to rip you off.

To help you experience a theft free trip, here are some very important steps that you need to bear in mind to be prepared.

Leave expensive things behind

When you’re traveling to another country, especially one that you’re not quite familiar with, it is important that you leave expensive things like jewelry or gadgets behind. As much as possible, blend in with the crowd to avoid attracting unwanted attention to yourself.

Avail some travel insurance

A travel insurance can do a lot for you. Aside from dealing with your health when traveling abroad, you can get something called theft insurance if you absolutely need to bring something expensive on the trip.

Always be vigilant of where you are and the people around you

As mentioned before, no matter how safe a country may seem, there will be thieves prowling around. Never lower your guard and always be vigilant. There will be thieves who will try to distract you by spilling a drink or bumping into you so always be on your guard.

Keep your eyes on your bag

There are other thieves that will immediately go after your bag. So you need to keep it secured and have it with you at all times. As much as possible put locks on your bag and always keep your eyes on it. Again there may be some thieves that may try to distract you so always be on your guard.

Look before you leap

Most of the time, you hear travelers leaving certain things on taxis or their hotel rooms. Well, this is not really theft per say but it definitely sucks when these things happen. To avoid leaving important things like your wallet, phone, or other expensive gadgets behind always look at your surroundings first before you leave. This is especially true when you’re riding a taxi or a bus.

We really hope that these simple tips help to keep you and your valuables safe from thieves or scammers. Remember to always be vigilant and be on your guard. Try to look as normal as you can and avoid wearing expensive jewelry. Remember that no matter how safe a country may seem there will be some thieves looking for their newest victim.

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Written by Kaye


Kaye is a traveler by heart and she doesn’t leave without her partner in crime, her travel pillow. Kaye is also into the arts and crafts hobby and loves embroidery and knitting. She will be sharing traveling tips to help you get the most out of your journey.

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