Say Goodbye To The Stress And Hassle – 10 Handy Tips About Packing That Every Traveler Should Know And Do

10 Important packing tips for a stress free tripWhen traveling one of the things that actually causes stress is the packing process. The idea of forgetting an important item or document is enough to put any person on the edge. But most commonly this scenario happens when you rush or start the packing process at the last minute.

The truth is that the packing process doesn’t have to be a complete nightmare if you only plan ahead and pack a few days before your trip. To help you pack properly, avoid getting stressed and make sure you have everything you need, here are 10 tips you should know and follow.

Make sure to read the airline’s rules first

It is important that you do know and understand the TSA’s guidelines and policies to avoid getting your things confiscated during check-in. These rules change every now and then so better be updated with the rules rather than go through the trouble of getting reprimanded in the airport.

Create a list and check it twice

To help make the process easier and more organized, it’s highly recommended that you create a list of the things that you think you need to bring in your trip. When creating the list always make sure that you write down the most important things first before you continue with the others.

Once you’re done with your list check it 2 – 3 times to make sure you’ve written down everything you need and also try to reconsider some of the things you’ve written. Maybe you don’t actually need to bring 3 extra pairs of shoes for the trip.

Pack a few days before the trip

This is another important tip that you really need to do to avoid all the stress and hassle of packing. It is highly recommended to start packing your things 1 – 2 days before your trip. This is so you can actually take the time to rest and get a good night’s sleep before the flight.

Buy the correct sized bag

This may seem like a no brainer but there are still a lot of people who actually carry a bag that doesn’t really fit their luggage size. If you’re not going to be bringing too much stuff then it’s better to bring a smaller sized bag rather than lug a big one with you. This is also one of the reasons why you really need to create a check list to help you evaluate how big of a bag you’ll need to bring for your trip.

Don’t bring too much clothes

If you’re going on a trip for just a few days then I don’t think you’ll need to bring half of your closet with you. Just bring enough clothes for the trip. Remember that you can always wash your old dirty clothes even when you’re in a different country.

Roll don’t fold

Ask any experienced traveler or backpacker anywhere and they will tell you how much better rolling you clothes are compared to folding them. You won’t believe how much space you can save by rolling your clothes. Rolling them can also help reduce the wrinkles from the fold creases.

Use air compressed packing bags

Here’s another space saving tip. Use air compressed bags or Ziploc bags when packing your clothes. You can also use these Ziploc bags to store your food or some of your wet clothes from the trip.

Leave jewelry and other expensive items

If it’s not absolutely necessary to bring expensive jewelry then it’s better to just leave it at home. Not only will this save some space in your luggage but it can also reassure you that the jewelry will not get lost or stolen during your tip.

Put a lock on your bag

If you’re going to check your luggage in then better put a lock on your bag to make sure that no one other than you can open it.

Make your luggage easily identifiable

Add things like a string, belt or a big name plate on your luggage to make it easily identifiable. Doing so can make it easier for you to spot your luggage in the carousel.

As you can see, packing your things doesn’t have to be a stressful process. All you need is a bit of planning and a day or two to start. This can surely help eliminate stress and make sure you have everything you need.

Written by Kaye


Kaye is a traveler by heart and she doesn’t leave without her partner in crime, her travel pillow. Kaye is also into the arts and crafts hobby and loves embroidery and knitting. She will be sharing traveling tips to help you get the most out of your journey.

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