Invest In A High Quality Self Healing Cutting Mat – 5 Important Tips When Choosing A Cutting Mat

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Choose Wisely - Tips To Find A High Quality Self Healing Cutting Mat
A self healing cutting mat is a very useful tool to have when you’re into arts & crafts.

A good self healing cutting mat can help make the cutting process easier and more accurate, and it can also properly protect your work surfaces or furniture from accidents.

This is especially true when you’re making arts & crafts projects with little children.

These days, self healing cutting mats are very affordable and can be easily found in any store.

The problem is that due to its popularity more and more companies are creating mats that are made from low quality materials. These substandard mats may easily break or lose its self healing feature easily.

In order to help you choose a high quality self healing cutting mat, we will be giving you some tips that can help you get the best bang for your buck.

Check the gridlines and measurements

When choosing a cutting mat, it’s a good idea to pick one that has different sets of measurements and angles printed on the mat. Aside from protecting your work tables from accidents, cutting mats can also help with your accuracy during the cutting process.

Check the cutting mat’s thickness

A good quality cutting mat will be thicker and a bit heavier compared to others. A rule of thumb will be choosing a cutting mat that is at least 2mm thick. It’s easy to spot a low quality mat because it has a tendency to show some separation in its lamination.

The mat’s size

The cutting mat’s size will be totally dependent on what type of project you’re going to do. A bigger cutting mat, like an 18 x 24 inches one, is a good idea but if you want a cutting mat that you can bring along with you then a 12 x 18 or a 9 x 12 inches mat size should be a good fit.

The cutting mat’s surface texture

Another thing to check when choosing a cutting mat is its texture. You’ll want a smooth non-slip surface. A smooth non-slip surface can help make your cuts easier and will keep the materials in place.

Be reminded though that there is such a thing as “too smooth” when it comes to cutting mats. Cutting mats that are “too smooth“, are not good tools to have because it has little to no friction which will make the cutting process difficult and even dangerous.

A lengthy warranty

A company that’s confident with its product is willing to give a lengthy warranty. Choose a cutting mat that can offer you a lengthy warranty. You should also check the self healing cutting mat’s packaging for the company’s contact details in case you get a defective mat.

We hope that this article helps you to invest your money in a good quality self healing cutting mat. Remember that not all cutting mats are created the same and it really helps to be vigilant when buying one. A high quality cutting mat should last for a very long time.

You can check out our self healing cutting mat that has a 10 year money back guarantee by clicking here.

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