Safety First – Important Safety Tips To Consider When Crafting With Children

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Important Safety Tips Parents Needs To Consider When Crafting With Kids
Arts and crafts may seem like a pretty easy and straight forward activity for some. So much so that safety practices may seem like common sense. However, extra care should be given when you’re crafting with children.

Remember that children may be a bit more sensitive to certain art materials like paint, crayons, etc. It should also be noted that kids have this tendency to do things that they shouldn’t do, that may result in injuries.

To help you have a safe and enjoyable crafting experience with your child, here are some safety practices that you need to keep in mind.

1. Make use a self healing cutting mat

Almost every crafting or hobby store has this specific type of cutting mat. We all know how kids can get a bit rowdy or naughty at time so a cutting mat is a great tool to have to protect your work surfaces or furniture from accidents.

We highly suggest a self healing cutting mat because a high quality one will last longer. Self healing means that the mat can easily re-seal itself after every cut. This makes your mat last longer and keeps it free from scratches.

2. Never leave your child alone

This is a very important thing to remember. No matter how safe you think a project is, never leave your child unattended. It’s important that you slowly teach them what’s dangerous and what they can and can’t do with certain crafting tools.

3. Provide proper assistance

This goes hand in hand with never leaving your child alone when crafting. There are certain tools that may prove to be a bit dangerous for younger children. If you think that a certain step or process is a bit dangerous like cutting, operating the glue gun, using an iron, etc. then do it for them in the meantime.

4. Give your child, age appropriate tools

Crafting tools like scissors, cutters, knife, etc. possesses “age grading” to help parents choose a safer alternative for their kids. If you’re a crafter yourself then it’s not really recommended that you allow your child to use your tools. As much as possible, get them age appropriate tools that are specifically created for them. These types of tools can help prevent any accidents during the activity.

In addition, please make sure that you read the labels first before buying paints or coloring materials. Avoid toxic materials and only choose child friendly ones.

5. Have a first aid kit nearby

No matter how safe the activity is or how vigilant you may be, unfortunately, accidents do happen. For this reason, we suggest that you have a basic first aid kit nearby.

Aside from those tips above, we also suggest that you teach your child the importance of properly organizing things during the activity. Keeping the work area clean and cleaning after themselves are good habits for children to develop.

We hope that you learned a lot from this article and that it prevents any accidents during the activity which can contribute to an enjoyable crafting experience with your children.

Happy crafting!

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