Wake-up From The Nightmare – 5 Tips To Help You Deal With Anxiety When Traveling

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Anxiety When Flying - 5 Simple Tips To Overcome Your Fear
Traveling can be a big nightmare if you’re suffering from an anxiety disorder. Most of the people who actually suffer from this problem give-up the notion of traveling or getting into a plane.

But you know what? Your anxiety doesn’t have to stop you from visiting your dream country or from fulfilling an activity from your bucket list. In this article, we will give you 5 important tips that can help you deal with your anxiety when flying.

1. Find out what triggers your anxiety

Before you deal with the problem, you need to find out what’s triggering it. Are you afraid of the plane crashing or of the turbulence? You need to write down the things that you’re anxious about. Once you’ve figured out what’s bothering you, you can then look for ways to deal with the triggers one by one.

2. Be comfortable

This is very important. During your trip you need to feel comfortable and relaxed. To make this possible, we suggest that you bring a comfortable travel neck pillow to keep you comfortable and well supported during the trip. We also suggest that you wear comfortable clothes or maybe even bring your favorite blanket if you wish.

3. Do breathing exercises

It may not look much but breathing exercises can really help calm your mind. There are different types of breathing exercises that you can find online. Look for one that suits you and do them every time you think your anxiety is getting triggered.

4. Have fun

As much as possible look for ways to have fun during the flight to help keep your mind off your worries. You can listen to music, watch movies or even play games. Do your best to be entertained and stay positive. As they say, happiness is a choice. Choose to be happy. Don’t let your worries or fears consume you.

Don’t be afraid. Easier said than done, right? But the thing with anxiety is that it’s actually your own thoughts that are causing you to be afraid. If you think that it’s terrifying then it will be terrifying but if you try to have fun then the fun you experience may beat the feeling of anxiousness.

5. Travel with someone you trust

If you don’t think you can travel alone yet then you can always ask for a friend or a family member to accompany you. Having someone you trust with you during this time may help you overcome your anxiety. Make sure though that the person you’re going with understands your condition.

As you can see, having anxiety shouldn’t stop you from traveling. Just remember to be comfortable, be confident, and choose to be happy during your trip. There are also some medications available to help keep you calm throughout your trip. That said, as much as possible, we suggest that you try to deal with the problem naturally. Talking to a Psychiatrist is also a good way to help address the issue.

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